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Cocoa Chuncho is geographically situated in the valleys of Convención in the Cuzco region. Its origins date back centuries, when it was cultivated by the Machiguenga indigenous communities in the Amazon basin. A unique cocoa, considered one of the finest and most aromatic in the world.

The term Chuncho is the name given to the natives who, like cocoa, still live in an ancestral way, closely connected to their origins. This rare variety of cacao grows in areas near the Urubamba River.

The plant of this cacao variety can reach a height of about 10 or 12 meters, and for this reason it is more difficult to reap its fruits. The fruits and seeds of Chuncho cocoa are smaller than those of normal cocoa. Chuncho cocoa production is around 35/40 tonnes per year, making it one of the rarest-scented cocoa beans in the world.

In Piura (Peru), due to genetic changes over the centuries and the climatic and soil conditions, a very special cocoa was identified: Blanco de Piura cocoa. This cocoa, a new national pride, is a favorite of international experts and manufacturing companies around the world, as they see in its fruit a very high value product for the chocolate industry.

It’s called Blanco de Piura cocoa because its seeds are white, rosy and rosy white.

It is recognized by many as one of the best cocoa in the world. It has a complexity and delicacy of flavors, aromas and perfumes superior to any other cocoa, with a special taste of citrus fruits, floral notes and low bitterness. This cocoa is produced in the highlands of Piura, such as Morropón and Huancabamba. Blanco de Piura cocoa production accounts for only 0.25% of world cocoa production, given that it is impossible to produce elsewhere because of its genetic characteristics and Piuran soil.

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